Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Home Sweet Home: Drying Up a Flooded Basement

I was hoping to do more creative things, but my spare time today will be spent trying to dry up our flooded basement. We live in an area where we shouldn't have flooding, but when the conditions are right, as they were last night, we get about a half-inch to an inch of water in one corner of the basement. Basically, lots of melting snow combined with frozen ground, then rain. Unfortunately, this has happened twice before in the 4 years we have owned this house. Fortunately, nothing we own is valuable (or is that unfortunate?) and even the stuff we had sitting where the water currently is was only cardboard waiting to be recycled. Hooray for luck.

Last time, we had the benefit of not having any carpet down there and we had already borrowed my mother's cannister carpet cleaner, which we then handily employed to suction the standing water off the conrete floor. And we only had one kid to work around. This time, we have carpet down there, no working wet vac and three kids of our own under 4 plus a 2 year-old house guest. At least now we have experience.

Upon discovery this morning, my husband moved all of our stuff out of the way, rolled the saturated carpet and hoisted it off the ground to let it drain better. Hopefully he will agree with me that it should be thrown away, having lived a glorious former life as living/dining/bedroom carpet and now having suffered the added insult of a basement flooding. We set up some fans and a few 2x4s to help the water channel to the drain on its own. With him off to work now, I have been sweeping the resultant puddles toward the floor drain, with 3 of the 4 napping and the other watching "educational programming". I'm not sure what long-term damage this might cause to the house, but my husband has vowed to "look into" the problem. He works in an industry that deals with plumbers and other pertinently knowledgeable persons, so I'm hoping he gets some good information and we do not have to do this again.

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Nathan Riley said...

It’s frustrating when you devote a day for productive things, only to end up spending it on something as lame as drying the flooded basement. That is why you’ve got to have your house winter-proofed long before the cold season begins and frozen pipes ruin the fun of this season for you. I hope that fix did it, and that’s the last time a frozen pipe did that kind of damage to your house.

Nathan Riley @ Stanley Steemer