Saturday, January 26, 2008

TheJuneBride News: Etsy!

What did I do today? Well, a lot of things, none of them particularly creative. But what am I mentally stuck on at the moment? Etsy. You know you want to go check it out.

I'm hoping to do something for real tomorrow. My folks will be moving soon, so my mom bequeathed to me a large quantity of fabric from some of her past projects, real or imagined. Did I mention that being handy and artistic runs in the family? Also saving ridiculous amounts of stuff in hopes of putting it to good use one day. I applaud her efforts... I will give it a good home. I skimmed the selection today and am looking forward to diving in tomorrow.

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sometime proptart said...

Funny. I discovered Etsy around Thanksgiving. Inspirational for the peddlers, the crafty, and the bored...