Thursday, January 24, 2008

Get Crafty: Hemming Your Own Pants

Let me think about how to say this without offending myself: I am not short, but "petite" length pants definitely tend to fit better. Sometimes I complain to myself that it's such a pain finding pants of the right length, but then I remember my tall best friend. She couldn't find pants that fit either, but it sure is a lot easier to shorten pants than to lengthen them.

I have basic sewing skills, thusly I am qualified to hem pants in the traditional way. (If you don't have basic sewing skills but you have an iron, some fusible tape, and the rudimentary ability to line things up, you are qualified to "hem" pants too). A lot of people have their pants professionally altered, but just shortening the length of pants is really so simple, I can't imagine paying someone else to do it. It took less time to do it myself than to drop it off at the tailor's. But then, not everyone is handy.

Since I just bought some new *smaller* pants that were too long, it was time to hem them. Normally I wait until the last minute... like those black pants for a special occasion that I just didn't get to hemming, and I'm rushing to do it before we leave the house in 10 minutes to go to a friend's wedding. Oh well, no one's perfect. But this time I didn't procrastinate, and it didn't take very long to hem both pairs of pants. I think they turned out great, and were worth the small effort for the near-professional results.

Both pairs of pants needed to be shorted about 2.5 inches. I turned the pants inside out to make the process easier. The existing hem was roughly 1 inch, so I simply cut off the hem all the way around without measuring particularly.

I then folded the raw edge up about a half inch, pressed it, then folded that up about one inch and pressed again. Still inside out, I sewed within an eight inch of the top fold. I turned it right-side out and...


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