Monday, January 28, 2008

TheJuneBride News: Itty Bitty Baby Booties

I'm on a kid kick (and have been since somewhere in 2004). I am trying to make some cute, durable, comfortable, non-slip, difficult-for-a-baby-to-remove baby booties. Since I don't follow directions well and have an incurable superiority complex when it comes to crafts, I decided to make up my own pattern. That fact, of course, led first to my utter failure. I speedily disposed of the resultant "booties", but then saved them for a moment to take a photo for posterity before tying them in a bag with a stinky diaper lest someone think they were worth rescuing. If you have a weak stomach, look away:

Yeah. Mmm-hmmm. And yes, that really is shelf liner I was trying to use for a non-slip sole. Not much to say about that other than "Ugh."

But then I figured that perhaps all my struggles with fleece were not necessarily due to my lack of skill so much as perhaps fleece was never meant to be used for baby booties. Intriguing idea, and it exonerates me for part of the crime above (for the record, I am guilty of sewing the booties together in the wrong order so the tongue was on the outside, but that didn't really make them much worse than doing it "correctly"... after all, there's no right way to fail).

So my next thought was to "repurpose" some wool felt from my old winter peacoat (the lining was ripping and beyond repair, but clean and I was given a beautiful new one for Christmas). My husband paused for a moment to remember the good old days before I unceremoniously started in with the scissors. At the time I felt a bit like a whale hunter cleaning the catch, ripping out the tissue-like lining and cutting the sinuous threads holding the whole thing together. Cutting out the pieces was quick and sewing it together was quicker. Here's the first pair:

After that, I decided it would be necessary to zigzag over the raw edges for stability and cuteness-factor. I also added some faux-petals under the snap. Here's the second pair:

But I really wanted a non-slip sole, so I again "repurposed" some suede. I also tried to make them boyish since my baby is a boy. I used a snap in the back (not shown) to hold them on better, but I'm not 100% satisfied. My boy was able to kick them off, but socks may have helped. Curbing that natural inclination towards cute girly shoes was tough, but I am fairly pleased with the results. Here's the third pair:

But I would like to possibly sell or at least gift some of these, so I just had to tweak my pattern make some wrap/kimono style. I will have to do some more work before they stay on well, but they look nice. Here's the fourth pair:

I just can't help myself now... I will have to try some mary jane type shoes and toddler slippers and other related projects. You can expect more on this topic, to be sure.

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Redheadmamaof6boys said...

NICE! You sure do have the creativity in your blood. I sure DON'T!

Can't wait to see updates/more shoes. You're awsome!