Thursday, January 3, 2008

Get Crafty: More Homemade Christmas Decorations

This wreath is homemade only in the sense that I put the bow on it. After Christmas last year I bought the wreath on clearance at JoAnn's Etc. and the bow on clearance at Meijer. All told the thing cost about $5.
Here's a cheap way to fill a wall and show off all those pretty cards your family and friends sent you. I always save my favorites from previous years so I had lots to choose from. I punched a hole in the upper left corner for side-folding cards or right corner for top-folding variety, to keep the angle the same. Then I took a loop of regular ribbon in various colors and widths, tied a bow and slipped it through the hole. Voila!
I made these last year using a 2"x2" chunk of foam wrapped with some leftover paper and tied with thin grosgrain ribbon. This year, I encountered a nine-pack of almost the exact same thing at Ikea for 25 cents. Not sure what I think about that. I won't be making any more of my own, that's for sure.
This is an ornament I made in high school, not sure exactly when. I cut 1/2" strips of balsa wood, stacked them, traced on the side using a cup, cut them, drilled a hole in the center of each one, threaded some jute, and glued the strips into place in a spiral. I like it, but it might be a little labor-intensive for my lazy tastes at the moment.


Emily said...

random question on an old post :-p but what kind of rod did you hang the christmas card ribbons over? that's such a cute idea!

Karen said...

It was a bamboo rod... got it either at a craft store like Michael's or hardware store like Lowe's (gardening stake?). Either way, it was inexpensive and lightweight. Hope that helps!