Thursday, January 3, 2008

Get Crafty: Paper Christmas Ornaments

Since Epiphany isn't for a few more days, I thought I had better post something seasonal while it was still appropriate. This year I made some paper ornaments, a few of which even made it onto the tree. They came about because I was googling "Christmas crafts" for potential decorating ideas and I came across a link with directions to make them. I tried to find the link again for you, but without success. I think it was on the Lowe's or Home Depot website. These were particularly appealing because a) they were crafty and b) my kids probably couldn't hurt themselves if they managed to get them off the tree (for the record, they did get them off the tree and, while the ornaments had seen better days, the kids were no worse for the wear).

The basic instructions are:
  1. Get some paper and wire or pipe cleaner/chenille stem. I bought cheap scrapbooking paper at Michael's. Each 12x12 sheet makes 12 small ornaments or 3 large ones.

  2. Cut paper into strips. For small ornament, cut strips to 1/4" by 6", for large cut to 1/2" by 12". I used a Fiskars sliding paper trimmer.

  3. Punch small holes in both ends and the very center of each strip. I used a tack a first, then graduated to a Fiskars small hole punch since it was soooo much easier to use. Also, I slipped with the tack once and drew blood, so I don't recommend doing it that way.

  4. Cut wire to desired length and form loop on one end. I used round tipped jewelers pliers and they worked perfectly.

  5. Put non-loop end of wire through the centers of eight strips, then alternate the ends to form a sort of sphere shape.

  6. Secure top of wire by bending into a loop.

  7. Attach ornament hook and hang on tree!

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