Monday, January 7, 2008

Get Crafty: Washcloth Tuxedo Bib

My husband and I went on a cruise recently, a gift from his grandmother. It was going to be a kid-free vacation. Well... as it turns out, we took our new baby boy with us. There were going to be two formal nights, and a couple days before we were scheduled to leave, my husband decided that our baby just had to have his own tuxedo bib. Long story short, we couldn't find one anywhere, so I concocted a plan to make one.

I found a nice black washcloth at Target and picked up an 1/8 yard of white terrycloth at JoAnn's. I already had the thread, hook and loop, black satin ribbon and some black buttons from my button jar. I cut the washcloth down the middle and heavily zigzag stitched each raw edge to prevent fraying and to look finished. I sewed the right side over the left side halfway up. I then sewed a triangular piece of the white terry in the middle, using the selvage as the collar edge. I tacked down the "lapels", added the buttons and bowtie, then used some more ribbon to hold the bib on the baby. One side of the ribbon is sewn, the other is a hook and loop attachment.

The baby in this bib was a big hit, and I was proud that both were my accomplishments.

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