Thursday, March 20, 2008

Get Crafty: Silk Dyed Easter Eggs

Oh, I've been bad. So so bad. No posting in a long time because I've been having so much fun with my Etsy shop.

But I just did a cool project with my kids and I just had to share it with you before Easter has passed and it is no longer relevent.

Last year I encountered a Martha Stewart project for dying Easter eggs with old silk ties or blouses (she also mentioned silk boxers, but I'd rather not mix that idea with something I might potentially eat... You decide for yourself).

Anyway, here's the rundown:

1. Get old silk ties. I got mine at a local thrift store.

2. Wrap eggs in swatches of silk, then cover with a square of old sheet or other tight-woven white cotton fabric and twist-tie tightly. The better you get the silk tight around the egg, the better the pattern will transfer.

3. Put eggs in enameled pot, fill with water to cover eggs and add at least 1/4 cup vinegar. The vinegar will apparently do bad things to your non-enameled pot. I don't have an enamel pot, but I didn't want to find out the hard way exactly what would happen. So I put eggs in a Reynold's oven bag inside a regular metal pot and filled the bag with water and put some water outside of bag. Vinegar went inside bag with eggs.

4. Heat to boiling, reduce to simmer and cook 10-20 minutes, depending on if you want to eat the eggs or not.

5. Remove from heat, cool down, and unwrap. Voila! No mess, just really neat eggs!

Have a Happy and Blessed Easter!