Saturday, May 3, 2008

Random Finds: Some Things Don't Translate Literally

For example, here are the pattern instructions for a very interesting shirt from the German website Brigette, translated into English using an online translator. See the site to read the original German version. I was amused.

Loud invitations, but ebb-tide in the wardrobe? The Glamor Top of the designer Duos of whisk & Tiedeken from Berlin is to be after-sewn refined and nevertheless completely fast.And in such a way it goes:

Time: 3 to 4 hours
Material: 1.80 meters jersey (1.40 m broad), suitable yarn, sewing machine

1. The Top (Einheitsgröße) consists of a trapezoid, a shoulder volume, the cuff and two Bindebändern. The exact mass of the individual cut parts you infer from our pattern. One transfers, cuts this mass to paper her out, attaches her on the simply lying material and cuts everything too (seam addition of 1 cm is already inclusive).

2. Arm holes sew, by cutting according to the dimensions from the upper two trapezoid corners to the marked point 22 cm each. Holes then with 3.5 cm broad and 46 cm are enough for Stoffrest einpaspeln. For sew machinist inside with little experience, but no fear sounds complicated, then it goes: One folds the Stoffstreifen along centric, hits their sides to the center, irons her, framed with them the arm cutouts and quilts her firmly.

3. Sew subsequently, shoulder volume at sides and upper edge of the trapezoid. Feststecken in addition the volume right on right at the trapezoid and sew on. The open side of the arm cutout is closed thereby. Importantly: the front Paspelkante of the arm cutout before the fixed sewing inward folds, thus the Top falls better. Fold, inside along the first seam with needles feststecken and in the shade of the seam from right sew on afterwards the shoulder volume.

4. Bindebänder to the cuff sew, then all right on right fold, the Bindebänder together-sewn and their ends close, but: the cuff on length of the lower edge of the trapezoid leave open. Bindebänder invert, which cuffs sew right on right to the lower edge of the trapezoid. Keep the width, i.e. one must stretch the cuff when sewing something. Sew on then exactly like the shoulder volume in the shade of the seam.

5. So sieht's then out: Simple Top refines in the back is bound. The two Bindebänder are interlocked in front afterwards on the hip.

Regina Tiedeken, 33, and Friederike of whisk Parlow, 35, created internationally the break-through. 2004 was too " the former female assistants of Vivienne Westwood as German newcomers to London; Fashion RK the Embassy" invited. Meanwhile one can buy their drafts in New York, Tokyo or Athens. But still also with us - in their own shop: Almstadtstraße 7, 10119 Berlin.

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