Monday, July 28, 2008

Etsy Tutorial: I - Links

I want to share some links that have been really helpful to me as I started out on Etsy, from the very basics to shipping supplies and crafting inspiration. Hope this helps! Comments are always appreciated!


Etsy –
Etsy backup website (if Etsy goes down) –

Accepting payment – PayPal, RevolutionMoneyExchange

Calculating shipping costs - US Postal Service

Pricing your items - page about pricing handmade bags in specific, page about pricing handmade goods, page with general pricing help

Downloadable pricing calculators -,

IRS Tax Guide for Small Business -
Starting a Business and Keeping Records -

Shipping supplies – Uline, Royalmailers (good for quantities in the 100s), Sam's Club (good for packages of 25)


Photo storage and hosting - Flickr
Promoting your site -
Crafting inspiration – Craftster
Knitting/crocheting best site ever (free patterns) – Ravelry
Photo help – Strobist blog
The Gimp (similar capabilities to Adobe Photoshop, but freeware) –

Please please please comment with any more great sites pertinent to anything Etsy/crafting/photo/supplies/business related. We can all benefit from a little shared knowledge!

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