Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Etsy Tutorial: II - Setting Up Shop

Setting up shop on Etsy was a fun time for me... you get to create an environment to showcase the things you love and love to make. There are two main things that you should do to turn a blank shop into your shop:

  1. LOOKS: Create a banner, an avatar, a profile description, and determine your shop policies. I use The Gimp freeware for creating a banner (760 px by 100 px), and simply shrink a photo of one of my listed items to avatar size (75 px by 75 px). My suggestion would be to make your banner appealing to you and relevant to your shop or, at the very least, not completely random. But what do I know? What you put in your profile and shop policies are very personal, so no one can tell you what to write there. When in doubt, go with your gut.
  2. ORGANIZATION: Create appropriate sections. If you are going to sell different types of things, make sure it’s easy for your shop visitors to see right up front what you sell. Make it as descriptive or plain as you like, but make sure it is obvious what will be in each section.

And that's it for now. Just creating those things will take a little while. We'll get to more about shop policies, listing items, and all the rest in a bit. Have fun!

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