Thursday, October 16, 2008

TheJuneBride News: Etsy Gift Guides

Whilst spending some time on Etsy not listing or doing other useful things, I realized that I hadn't checked the gift guides lately. Much to my pleasant surprise, I found that I had items featured in two of them. Here are my braggy snippets:

I was also featured simultaneously in 5 Treasuries and 1 Treasury West, and was alternate for 3 more. Moreover, I was recently an alternate on a front page list. So close! But I will say things have been looking up since I began my new strategy of a) making more treasuries, b) renewing items right before treasuries expire and c) commenting on treasuries and discussing in the forums. I feel that my shop is becoming more well-known around the Etsy community and I am much more at ease with how my business is progressing.

I have recently been offered more drop ship, wholesale and boutique consignment opportunites than ever. I don't do drop shipping because it necessarily gives up control that I am loathe to part with. If nothing else, Etsy provides almost complete flexibility. As a commitmentphobe (albeit one with a husband and three children), I LOVE that flexibility. Or maybe just knowing that it's there. Wholesale can be OK if the price is right. Consignment is something I haven't tried yet but am going to try with my iPod cases at a boutique in Boston. The terms make a sale there worth more than my wholesale prices, so I think it will work out well. I love to make those cases and am making more than will readily sell on Etsy alone.

Current projects to better the business start with working on my Microsoft Access file to better manage my inventory and bookkeeping. I am also learning more about filing taxes for the year, studying up on Schedule C. Good times. Perhaps more fun is my latest attempts to control my workspace (well, actually I tend to work wherever the kids are playing, so maybe it should be called my storage space). Organizing fabrics, tools and notions is a chore, especially when you've let it go unchecked for as long as I have. Oh baby! I have so many projects in mind and so little time to actually do them. And sometimes I come up short in the motivation department too. But one day I'd love to run a tight ship rather than a sinking one, you know? Ditto for the house in general. I'll keep plugging away, one junk drawer at a time.

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