Saturday, January 31, 2009

TheJuneBride News: A Stay of Execution

As it turned out, reason prevails. At least for a year. The CPSIA's one year stay of enforcement would seem to be the solution small business and manufacturers had hoped for... not denying the fact that safety standards need to be improved, but offering time and resources to find reasonable methods to do so without denying the livelihood of the small entrepreneur that is the basis of our American dream.

Here is the statement from Honorable Thomas H. Moore indicating the necessary delay in enforcement, issued January 30, 2009.

Also worth reading is the very ballsy (that's right) statement from acting chairman Nancy Nord, also issued January 30, 2009.

The apparent effects of this stay are that, while all saleable products must meet the lead limits and phthalate ban required by the new legislation, they do not need to be certified as such during the period of this stay which is slated to be terminated February 10, 2010. During this time, it is expected that changes will be made to accommodate the special needs of smaller businesses and independent crafters, including the limitation of unnecessary testing. In theory this may be achieved by the use of compliant components in manufacturing products that will then not be required to be tested as a whole.

As a seller of items intended for children 12 and under, I am hopeful that this stay will be a fruitful season of open discussion, providing small businesses the resources needed to comply, both for their legal safety and for the physical safety of the public at large.

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