Sunday, March 22, 2009

Get Crafty: Easter Eggs 2009

I have been dyeing my Easter eggs using scraps of silk for 3 years now after encountering a Martha Stewart episode that featured a how-to demonstration for these eye-popping eggs. You can read her article here for the original directions, or see last year's post for more of my eggs as well as basic instructions.

It was so easy and the results are just outrageusly fun and fabulous. And did I mention that no one is going to get rainbow-colored fingers in the process? That's right... it's mess-free as long as you don't drop a raw egg while wrapping!

My 4 -year old named one speckled egg "Sparky" and constantly pondered about Sparky's progress as the dyeing process continued. "I wonder what Sparky will look like." And after the unwrapping part, " I wonder what Sparky will taste like." She got to eat it for dinner and had a blast doing this project with me.

I'd recommend this project to everyone! I'm selling cheap kits in my Etsy shop that include the silk scraps, wrapping clothes, ties and instructions if you're not up for the thrifting trip required for this awesome Easter project. Click here to order a kit. Happy Easter!


Amalia Versaci said...

WOW!! These are stunning! I can't believe they are real eggs! Amazing work!

Amalia Versaci

Coco said...

So pretty! Thank you for sharing the instruction. Where did you get your silk goods? Their color & patterns are so lovely.

Olitopia said...

Totally gorgeous! (and better than Martha's I might add ;o)

sherri said...

those are awesome - never heard of wrapping eggs, will try next year, for sure.