Monday, June 15, 2009

My Life in a Nutshell: Anniversary Getaway

My husband and I finally "got away" ALONE for a weekend for the very first time since we've had kids. It was wonderful... we drove up to Mackinaw City and visited local areas of interest, including Mackinac Island. Despite being a Michigander born and raised, I had never been to the island myself and it was a real treat. It was the weekend of the lilac festival on the island as well as the Big Mac bike/run. And there was fudge! I now have a teeny tiny secret wish to get a big marble slab and try my hand at authentic fudge methods but, like many good things, I may have to wait for retirement for that one.

Here are some of the more scenic pictures I took during the weekend. Enjoy!

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Felt Sew Good said...

Your photos are lovely - like scenic picture postcards! Thanks for sharing.