Friday, June 26, 2009

Feature Friday: Blue Sky Pottery

Deb Babcock is the woman behind Blue Sky Pottery. Formerly a resident of Michigan, Deb currently works from her studio in Steam Boat Springs, Colorado. She makes a variety of beautiful hand-thrown and handbuilt items, from decorative pieces to platters and rice bowls.

Deb writes in her Etsy profile:

I have studied under such renowned potters as Clary Illian, Meira Mathison, Sylvie Granitelli, Julia Galloway, Bonnie Seeman, Sarah Jaeger, and Sandi Pierantozzi. From each of these wonderful artists, I take away a new technique or way of creating that I then incorporate into my own pottery voice. I am a founding member of the Steamboat Clay Artisans and work with this group on an annual Soup Bowl Supper fundraiser, a holiday sale, summer farmer's market, and educational programs. I was honored last year to be asked to submit my work which is featured in Best Of America Pottery and Woodworking Artists & Artisans Vol.1 by Kennedy Publishing. And recently (April 2009) I was one of the speakers at the national clay conference in Phoenix talking about online selling.

As you can see, I'm not the only one who thinks very highly of Deb's work. I met her through a series of Etsy conversations surrounding a front page feature and, though I can't remember all the details of who was featured or when, I do know that her sweet disposition left a lasting impression and I have found myself poking around her shop more often than I should admit. I have always loved pottery and I very much enjoy finding high quality handmade genius in the world of ceremics. And that is exactly what Deb does best.

Thanks to Deb for being willing to let me use her lovely images for this post. Her shop is chock full of more lovely giftables (and keepables, for that matter) so go have a look!

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paperhill said...

those nesting bowls are beautiful!