Sunday, June 21, 2009

Get Crafty: Faux TTV Photography

I have been just loving the variety of photography styles that can be found on Etsy, and the TTV format is really interesting to me lately. A TTV ("through the viewfinder") image is made just as you would think... throught the viewfinder of a camera. To do this one would make a physical assembly that would hold a digital camera the correct distance away from the large viewfinder of an older camera, and take a digital image using the viewfinder as a frame. The degree of color and filth present in and on the viewfinder adds interesting detail to the photo, and these unique traits give each camera its own TTV look.

Wanting to learn more about this and not having the appropriate equipment or time to invest in making my own authentic TTV images, I found a great tutorial using The Gimp (free photo editing software with quasi-Photoshop abilites) to duplicate this look digitally. Basically, you find a blank TTV image (look on Flickr for "blank TTV"... make sure you have permission to use the image before you download it!) and use it like a layer mask over the image you want to TTV-ify. Worked like a charm, quick and easy. Playing around with the various blank TTV images was fun because you can see the various different results you can get:

Now, I realize there is some animosity amongst serious photographers and amateurs alike regarding the artistic purity of authentic TTV and these so-called fakes. To that I say "eh". I care very little for the process when the results are really what makes an image memorable or not, and digital manipulation is an art all its own.


Jesse Ray said...

I second your "eh" aimed toward fuddy-duddies who demand purity from their pictures.
Thanks sharing these ideas.

Maizie Designs said...

Thanks for sharing this, it gave me a bit of insight on these beautiful photos and how to find my way to attaining that quality!

Andrea said...

That is a great idea. I also say "eh" to the purists. I love all of the little tools that make my photos look better, even if they are a "cop out" for those better photogs.