Monday, July 20, 2009

Get Crafty: Silhouttes

My mother in law loves silhouettes, and had a couple sets made of her children when they were young. Apparently there was a woman at the local Jacobsons who did silhouette cutouts at the time, and she was glad to have them done even though they were pricey.

She just had a birthday, and a set of silhouettes of the grandchildren seemed like a nice gift. These were not cutouts, but rather altered photographs. I took a profile picture of each child separately, then used the latest version of The Gimp to get the shape. I use the smart scissors to get a general selection, paint-bucketed the shape black, copied, pasted into a new file, then smoothed out the jagged edges with the paths tool. If I had them to do over, I'd probably like them a little more, but I think they're pretty close to the real thing and no one but their own mother would notice the slight flaws (a nose not quite round enough, a too prominent forehead, and the like). It was fun to do, if tedious, and I think it was a very successful gift for a very deserving grandmother.

Aww.... now go make your own!


paperhill said...

those turned out beautifully! what a thoughtful gift! hope all is well :)

Anne said...

I highly approve of your use of freeware in your image editing!
-Your Nerdier Sister-In-Law