Friday, August 21, 2009

Feature Friday: Anderson Soap Company

It didn't take too long on Etsy to realize that the Portland-based Anderson Soap Company was a smashing success. With artful presentation and a huge variety of products, Dennis Anderson is a full time Etsian with a passion for spa-like indulgence. His business savvy inspires my own efforts on a regular basis, and I think his current achievement of nearly 20,000 sales on Etsy makes his shop something worth emulating.

I have recently been on a shaving soap kick and just had to try some of his creations. I ordered two shaving bars... one shea butter and bentonite clay variety with a Coolwater scent (yeah, I like manly aromas... shoot me!) and a wheat germ London black variety. In addition to being on sale for the weekend, they arrived quickly and smell wonderful, but not too strong as to overpower my everyday perfume. Rich lather, invigorating aroma, silky feel, no shaving nicks... absolute perfection!

Dennis makes many other products including body washes, lip balms, body scrubs and so much more. Check out his shop for some great gift ideas for the spa-enthusiast (or wannabe) in your life, or just something to make shaving more pleasant. Happy Friday!

All images ©Dennis Anderson 2009, All rights reserved.

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