Saturday, August 29, 2009

From the Kitchen: Calzones

Mmmm... not sure how I've managed to make it this far into my adult life without making a calzone. But now I have, and I'm planning to make a habit of it. The gooey mozzarella, warm bready aroma and tangy vegetables really hit the spot on a cool, rainy evening.

Making a calzone is so easy I'm not including a recipe! The basic steps are:

  1. Make any old pizza dough (I used the recipe in my bread machine manual)
  2. Preheat oven to 400 degrees
  3. Split the dough into as many pieces as you want calzones and stretch into 10" circles (each piece should be large enough to be easily stretchable without any holes forming)
  4. Cram in all the fresh garden goodness you can
  5. Add cheese and meat and sauce, if you want
  6. Fold into a half moon shape and pinch the edge to seal
  7. Rub with olive oil and bake until the top is a golden brown
  8. Eat!
Way too easy and delectable not to become a family favorite...


paperhill said...

hello :) i'm going to make these for dinner tonight, they look wonderful. what did you put in yours? hope all is well.

Karen said...

I just put in onions, green peppers and some tomatoes from my garden, topped with a moderate amount of mozzarella. It was delicious... I'm already craving them again :) I feel like I could make these and take them to the park for a picnic with the kids. Portable is so nice!