Tuesday, September 8, 2009

From the Kitchen: Lighthouse Cookies

*Spoiler alert: You do not want to make lighthouse cookies.*

Fairly unassuming title, no? One of my wonderful grandmothers had a surprise 75th birthday party over Labor Day weekend. We couldn't be there, but I wanted to do something special anyway. My grand plan was to make some sugar cookies in the shape of lighthouses, which Grandma likes, and decorate them nicely and send them to the party with my parents.

I made the cookie dough, left it to cool in the refrigerator overnight, and baked the cookies the next day. Here is the cookie cutter I used:

And here is the cookie it produced:

I pulled the fist batch out of the oven and decided that this was inappropriate in every way, and that I could not send them to my grandmother's party. Especially since I couldn't be there to defend them as the innocent miscalculation that they were. I also didn't trust my cookie decorating skills enough to be able to prevent them from looking like a terrible Lorena Bobbitt-type kitchen incident. My husband got a good laugh out of it and the opportunity to make innuendos to his darling heart's content, so it wasn't a complete loss.


CK Nethercott aka Mom said...

That is just hilarious. I hate it when cookies go obscene in the oven!

Jesse Ray said...

LOL. I can just imagine Tim's witty humor. (I take it back, I'm sure it was ribald than witty).

. Phydeaux . Phydelle . said...

Oh my. Hahaha!