Friday, October 30, 2009

Feature Friday: Fuss Jewelry

Must resist... must resist... oh, who am I kidding? I just LOVE Fuss Jewelry. I'm so smitten that I'm a little intimidated and star-struck even writing this feature.

Somewhere in the Tri State area, surrounded by gardens and one-time farmland, Wendy has been handcrafting her unique style of jewelry. She has long loved designing this gemmy goodness, and I have been a fan since the first time I laid eyes on her highly photogenic work.

I love semi-precious stones, and I love that her impeccable wire-wrapping allows them freedom from the cage of a bezel or other torturous settings. The heady floral feel and trance-inducing colors are enhanced by the classic shapes and massive variety of stones and pearls she employs.

Reading about her background was fun, and I discovered that, like me, she is a biologist by degree. I feel a connection there, and I think our mutual fascination with all things floral must be a common result of that scientific background. She writes in her Blogger profile, "I love creating freeform, organic shapes with underlying structure and rhythm." Uh-huh. She takes beautiful photographs of her jewelry, as you can clearly see, and shares other yet equally fabulous pictures on her blog.

Thanks to Wendy for graciously permitting the use of her photographs and letting me gush about her rare and fantastic talent! I'm inspired!

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Wendy said...

You are the best!!! I love how you presented my work...