Friday, November 20, 2009

Feature Friday: JessJamesJake

Today is a great day because I get to talk about something I enjoy almost as much as making stuff: buying old stuff. Yes, oh yes... I love sifting through bins of random odds and ends in search of a treasure. Who doesn't? This undeniable urge has been built into my DNA by generations of thrifty, dumpster-diving individuals, forming a family tree foliated by secondhand finds and antique treasures. Not glorious, perhaps, but a meaningful pursuit of well-made goods is a valuable motivation when it comes to feathering a nest or a wardrobe.

My featured shop today is JessJamesJake, a lovely Etsy shop dedicated to vintage garments, shoes, luggage and housewares. It's like a mini department store from decades past just waiting for you to drop by! Pleated skirts, slouch boots and well-loved coffee mugs with phrases like "Try it, you'll like it" populate her pages.

In real life, Jess (married to husband James and owner of dachshund Jake) lives in Albany, NY, and is a performance violinist. And not your average violinist either... she's played with John Tesh on PBS and accompanied Andrea Bocelli and the Bolshoi Ballet, among many others. But then, remember that she runs this thriving Etsy shop where she stocks the goods, takes the pics, packages her items in shredded music sheets, and lists every little thing herself. Not too shabby :)

Her adorable and omnipresent model is Nicole, a leggy girl from down the street whom she pays weekly with "either cash or vintage". I love that concept! Another fun fact about Jess is that her best friend, Anne, also runs a fabulous vintage shop on Etsy called Thrush.

I love browsing to see what she's got... all manner of timeless goodies as well as some that exist purely as a reminder of days gone by, too precious to pass up. Thanks so much to Jess for letting me feature her fun shop and use her photos! You can check her shop out here or read her blog here. Happy Friday!

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jess (jamesjake) said...

This is a fabulous feature! Thanks so, so much.
xo, jess