Tuesday, December 22, 2009

From the Kitchen: Christmas Cookies 2009

So I've been baking, decorating and baking some more. I had a few key tactical errors regarding "Cookie Day" this year. I figured that having no baby this year would entitle me to take on more "fancy" cookies and cut out the classic bar variety. I also thought, silly me, that if I waited until closer to Christmas to do the baking, I'd end up with more cookies to take to parties and give to the neighbors and less to have to exercise off. This may be true, but only a little.

But those two issues, some piping-bag-induced carpal tunnel, and a deep scrubbing of my kitchen later, I do have some lovely and delicious cookies to show for my efforts.

This year I baked gingerbread, sugar cookies, cranberry ribbon cookies (though I changed their appearance to simplify), mint chocolate chip drops and chocolate crinkles. My goals were to have a variety of tastes and nice looking cookies. Next year I will include, as a primary aim, the ability to finish "Cookie Day" in under 48 hours, since this year we topped off at 4 days. I also used meringue powder in my icing for the first time... up to this point I've always sworn by egg whites. I like both for different things and I'm glad I made the attempt.

So here are some pictures for posterity... this way my efforts go on the record. Enjoy!

"Tiny tots with their eyes all aglow"... will find these hard to resist. Impossible, actually, since my 2 year old has helped himself to anything within reach.

I don't forsee any more blogging in the remainder of my 2009, so I want to wish you a wonderful Christmas and the very happiest of New Years! Now go make merry!


Jesse Ray said...

You never cease to amaze me...I love beautiful things, and creativity just seems to flow from your fingers. The snowflakes are stunning. But the gingerbread girl's poka-dot dress must have been really really hard to do. Anyway, thanks for sharing all the Christmas cheer.

Phydeaux Designs said...

Goooorgeous! You are quite the creative talent! A very merry Christmas to you and yours. xoxo

Emily said...

not fair to post these delicious looking cookies unless we can take them off the screen to eat!

®ø$åðìɱåggìø63 ღ said...

Questi biscotti hanno l'aspetto di essere molto buoni !!!
Buon Natale :-)

paperhill said...

is there anything you can't do? you're amazing! those cookies are beautiful almost too pretty to eat :) have a blessed and happy new year! xo susan

Michele {The Scrap Shoppe} said...

All of you cookies look SUPER amazing! You should definitely be proud of them! I think I love the snowflakes with the blue icing best. :) Thank you for linking these up to Homemade Christmas!