Friday, January 8, 2010

Feature Friday: FiveForty

FiveForty is another shop I love to browse. You know by now that I love wool, and FiveForty is full of recycled wooly goodness and some lovely personal adornments as well. I am including this excerpt from her CosaVerde bio:

"Hello, my name is Pegg Campbell, and I live on the north shore of Lake Superior! I create and sell one of a kind handwoven rag rugs. They are not your usual rag rug, mine are woven with recycled used textile for both warp and weft making them 100% recycled. Soft and cushy felted wool, t-shirts, sturdy denim or corduroy."

Her rugs look as wonderful and inviting to the toes as I'm sure they truly are, but she enhances them with her clever photography. She generally includes a pair or two of adorable shoes in the main photo of each listing... her photographic calling card. I feel that this really distinguishes her work from other rug weavers, and I think it was a very intentional and business savvy move on her part. She's a sharp one, that Pegg...

Her jewelry always has a earthy vibe to it, in my opinion, and I think that flows from her love of nature and appreciation for the little things, like home-cooked food and time spent with family and friends.

Pegg will always have a special place in my heart as she was responsible for curating the first treasury in which I was featured that made it to the Front Page of Etsy. That was a big day for me, and I am grateful to Pegg for thinking enough of my work to give me that boost into brighter lights and greater visibility. She has repeated that act of goodness by featuring me in Front Page treasuries several times since then as well... thank you, dearie :)

In addition to selling on Etsy, being featured in magazines and all over the internet, Pegg also has a fun blog with food, photos and her own thoughts on life and living along a the delightful Canadian coast of Lake Superior. She's an honest to goodness Renaissance woman, and I find her very inspiring and true asset to mankind in general. Rock on, Pegg!


Dre said...

Fabulous feature!!
I have several pieces from Five Forty, including a rug and I love them all!

Maria said...

What a fantastic feature! I had the pleasure of "meeting" Pegg on Etsy and she is indeed a wonderful woman. She is smart, talented and funny and I feel honoured to call her my friend. I own several pieces of her unique and pretty jewellery and a rugg - and I am hoping to add another rugg to my collection soon.

elan said...

I have bought from Pegg & am saving for one of her rugs, great fibre artist.

gugus said...

Wow, what a great feature. Reminds me of the lifetime award at the Oscar's....!!;-)
I'm the proud owner of three fiveforty ruggs, they bring lots of soul to a home.
Thank you, Junebride!


Brigitte said...

Fantastic feature. I love this shop. I hope some day to have a room to put a fiveforty rug in:)

Erin M. said...

Thanks for the introduction to fiveforty's site. I recognized the name from beautiful treasuries but hadn't looked far enough to visit her shop. The rugs really are beautiful.