Monday, January 18, 2010

My Life in a Nutshell: Hockey

As you may know, we live in the frigid North. Deciduous trees, snow plows, and Red Wings hockey. Oh hockey. My darling husband has always played hockey as did his father and brothers, and even his ballet-trained sister was the captain of the women's hockey team at MIT at one point in her collegiate years. All the men in my family also play, and regularly enough we get to see most everyone on the ice together, a sight that delights my 2.5 year old son to no end.

My two girls are mainly enthralled by the zamboni (though my husband did get the 5 year old out on the ice this year in full gear), but as you might expect, the little guy is an all around hockey fanatic. He insists on wearing socks so he can "skate" better on our tiled kitchen floor, and we have a preponderance of round objects lodged beneath our fridge. Anything small and round is fair game. A letter "O", a pretend workbench nut or a toy kitchen onion ring. All stuck under kitchen appliances.

Recently I made him a smaller but proportional puck out layers of some self-adhesive black foam from our local Scrap Box, but he promptly declared it "too big" and went searching under our couch for "a nice puck" to go with the diminutive plastic golf club that he uses for a stick. I've caught him playing hockey on the fridge using a magnetic "i" and "j" to hit an "o", or insisting that Grandma be the goalie and cheer for him. He'll make an imaginary goal and celebrate loudly with an "I did it!" or "Score!", arms and golf club raised triumphantly.

He also has a history of making other sports with household objects. He went through a phase of tossing inflatable balls into our basement utility tub, then playing baseball with an empty wrapping paper tube. Who needs expensive toys?

Since I don't think he's going to grow out of this, I'm planning to invest in an under-appliance brush to keep everyone happy. After all, if you can't beat 'em... better join 'em!

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paperhill said...

oh my! this sounds like my oldest son! he's a sports fanatic. he wants to play hockey but he'll have to settle for skaing in our backyard for now. i'm not ready to be a hockey mom!