Tuesday, January 26, 2010

TheJuneBride News: Blue House Ann Arbor

I'm pretty excited about this! Check it out: Blue House Ann Arbor.

The owner of this unique handmade haven, Siobhan, is a visionary and very good recruiter. And very nice and quite crafty herself! Her plan for BHAA is "...a handmade studio. We are crazy about crafty art, local artisans & LOVE handmade. This is our own little makers spot here in A2 - a place to create, gather, share, learn a new discipline or further your creative talents. Think of us as your creative friend." She found me by looking local on Etsy, and I have since been out to the location and met with her. It sounds like a really special place... I hope everyone shares my excitement!

In addition to consigning the work of various Michigan artists in the small front retail area, Siobhan wants to utilize the rest of the open-floor plan house to offer "hands on learning opportunities ripe with creative exploration...for all ages. We seek to provide a place for you to learn all types of crafts. Surely one, if not all, will spark your creative soul." She's renovating the lovely old house to be a comfy and welcoming spot to bring a craft and get some work done, or gather with friends for a "crafternoon" of fun. I love that she wants it to be accessible to everyone, affordable and educational. If I had this opportunity, I think I'd want to do it the same way...

So now I'm getting ready to stock some consignment items there (I know, I know... I said I wasn't going to do consignment anymore but... well, I just have to be involved!) and I'm planning to rent a table at the grand opening event - Handmade @ Blue House on Saturday, March 20, 11AM-5PM. If you're local, check out the website for potential future classes and other fun, family-friendly events!


Erin M. said...

I'm right near there! Hopefully I can make it to the grand opening.

hometown girl said...

sounds like my kind of place! take care :)