Thursday, February 4, 2010

Etsy Thoughts: Creating with Reckless Abandon

I've been fairly prolific lately, making all sorts of things and streamlining production, packaging and presentation. Imagining and prototyping new products, new variations and new ways to bundle and price them. Exploring new consumer venues in both the digital and physical worlds.

But today feels funny. It's a Matrix-esque, slow motion sort of moment of realization... the undeniable brick wall indicating that I have no more time or space to create. My burgeoning creativity has expanded to fill the space I had allotted for it, and it's beginning to put pressure on other areas not intended for whimsical expression. Like housecleaning, for example. There is so much I want to explore, but I really, really need to be doing other things first.


I'm sure this is common ground for other artsy types, but the fact remains that it is a problem. A real probem. For a long time I've been jamming up my work flow with a never ending barrage of tiny obstacles, so my babbling brook is turning to whitewater. Time to prioritize and set some new boundaries and re-assess my personal and business goals. Time to plan. Time to prepare. Time to put a system in place.

To that end, I'm taking next week off from creating things in favor of doing all those neglected tasks whose eventual accomplishment will make life and business run smoother again. If I don't get them done in a week, I might take two. Or three. Wish me luck on my (hopefully brief) voyage of self management...


Jesse Ray said...

Luck wished.
Prayers sent.

Emily said...

i am so glad you made my etsy stuff before taking a break! the hat has been perfect for our snowstorms/cold weather, the sweetheart medical pins are SO cute :) and i can't wait to break out the red heart pin for v-day! they arrived on a really rough/sad work day for me... the perfect thing to cheer me up :) thanks! you're the best.