Monday, February 15, 2010

Product Review:

In preparation to begin selling some of my photographic work in my second Etsy shop, LEVEL, I looked online and offline for the very best in terms of fine art printing. When I received my first order from, I knew I had found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

I had seen a recommendation for them somewhere online by a person who had never used their service, but I looked up the site anyway to see. I had a small initial order planned for some prints for my own walls and, after looking at their very reasonable pricing, I decided they were worth a shot. My order consisted of 3 sets of three photos... 12" by 12", 8" by 10" and 5" by 5". I also ordered one other 5" by 7" that I thought would be a good test of the luminosity afforded by their metallic paper. When I opened the very sturdy and securely-packaged parcel (which arrived within 4 days with free shipping, FYI), I just couldn't believe how beautiful they were. The metallic paper offers a bright, lightbox-like effect and I don't have a single criticism of the quality and precision of the printing. The 12x12 prints are crystal clear and stunning.

Obviously there are going to be common points of consideration among all artists for making fine art prints. Price and quality are very important, but also processing and delivery speed, customer service and secure packaging. I was impressed by all accounts. They also sent a sample of their other papers and finishes with a color comparison showing other artwork, and they would do lovely giclee prints as well.

I don't know about the rest of you, but when I get good service, I try to let them know. So I sent my feedback to and they added me to their "Happy Artists" section. Nice. As if they needed to sweeten the deal :) I am looking forward to ordering from them again when I'm ready to begin offering my prints online.

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glenda said...

This is great...I was wondering today about getting some of my prints done,and here you are with the answers...I messed up and didn't put your name in right to get my free 10.00 coupon...bummer.
that would have got me started..
and I don't have paypal, so I have to figure it out...but it's good to have someone who is recommended...
glenda@serendipity cottage