Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Life in a Nutshell: Uninspired

Blah. Ho hum. Lacking motivation. Mediocre.

I have a few things going on right now that are just sucking the creative energy out of me. I am not in the mood to make things. This is a rarity in my life, and I'm not sure what to do about it. I've been wringing a watered-down version of satisfaction from mops lately in a desperate attempt to find joy in housekeeping. Honestly, it's not working that well. With three young kids, cleaning is like digging a hole while someone fills it up just as fast. And also yells for a snack and soils a diaper. Probably doesn't help that it's raining outside.

I have Etsy-type projects I want to do, but I just can't seem to get any joy out of actually doing them. Maybe I'm burnt out. Need a vacation. I am planning to close my shop for just over a week for Easter, but for some reason I'm struggling to wait till Saturday to click the "vacation mode" button. This is very strange since I love having my very own shop. I suppose this probably happens to everyone from time to time, but I just never thought my day would come.

The dreamy side of me imagines happy children running barefoot in the grass while I do yardwork. Or maybe refinishing some furniture. Or at a good old fashioned rummage sale and sifting through decades of junk. Reading a book and not thinking I should be doing something else. Or taking a nap and waking up feeling good about the rest of the day.

I want to make lemonade from my lemons but I'm all out of sugar at the moment. I guess I'll go wash something so I can wash it again later...


Jodi said...

I'm so with you today.

Karen said...

Yeah... I just finished scrubbing the dining room floor. I do feel a little better, but it's time for something else. I might start making a dress for myself... work + mom treat + experimenting? I share your fear of inserting zippers. But seriously, your site/blog is amazing... makes me want to try more things :) I shared your mei tai post with a friend who was just talking about making one, and I think she's going to try to make one from that tutorial too. You're universally inspiring :) Thanks for being Jodi!

Jodi said...

Hooray! I hope her project turns out fantastic. And good luck on your dress! I am thinking of using my free machine shop lessons on sewing zippers. Have you used yours up yet?

Good luck with the dress. I am hoping to steal my MIL away for a weekend this summer to help me make something fantastic for an August wedding. After being pregnant and/or nursing for almost 5 year straight, it really is time for something fantastic isn't it?

This is my current dream dress. Not sure if the pockets would look right on The Birthing Hips. :)
so. cute.