Monday, March 29, 2010

Sewing Class: Skirting the Issue

Pattern: Simplicity 2655, View A
Material: 100% linen vintage tablecloth
Modifications: Omitted pocket ties.
Purpose: To be comfortable supervising while kids play outside this summer.

I had to stay up just a tiny bit later than I had hoped, but I finished making this skirt and I'm oh so happy with it. As a self admitted sewing hack, successfully completing a classic construction was very satisfying. Forgive the pictures... I don't usually photograph things as large as me, and I'm a terrible model.

I don't *love* the girl scout green color, but I do like green in general and I may consider dyeing this a darker shade at some point in the future. Really like the fabric drape and softness. I adore the gathered pockets, though I'm not convinced they don't lend an obvious "saddle bag" appearance in a typically problematic area (but I consider pockets to be necessary mothering equipment, and could not be omitted). Frankly, those issues pale in comparison to the fact that I followed every single step and it turned out fitting me perfectly. I took my complete measurements accurately right before making it, and that was crucial. It's always shocking to calculate your sewing pattern size when you're used to seeing vanity sizes on ready to wear clothing. But once you remind yourself why you're confronting the reality (to look great, right?), you'll be mentally prepared to make it happen.

I haven't tried a "real" pattern (even an easy one) in a while... when you thrift regularly, like wild horses couldn't drag me away from doing, most personal sewing tends to be altering hems, changing out dated buttons and other minute tailoring details. Clearly my sewing and direction-following skills have improved drastically since last time, and I'm very excited to try some other patterns soon. I have a bunch lingering from previous short-lived bouts of motivation (this was pulled from the same pile), and I would like to make some more summery pieces in anticipation of warmer days to come.



Jodi said...

Excellent work! Love the green and the pockets. I've been wanting summer skirt with pockets too. I'll have to watch out for the next Simplicity sale.

It can be frightening to switch over to pattern sizing. My pattern size for skirts is 4 sizes larger than ready to wear! eeeep!

I look forward to seeing more clothing by you in the future.

hometown girl said...

sewing hack? gosh i think you did a beautiful job, it's really great! i really want to try something like this but i like the quick projects and don't think it would turn out well. have a beautiful day! p.s. we are coloring our eggs today with your kit!!