Friday, April 30, 2010

Feature Friday: Golly Bard

Today is all about one of my favorite watercolor artists on Etsy, shopowner Holly of GollyBard. She's a charming personality around Etsy and her work is sweet, nature-inspired and very identifiable in its uniqueness. I love seeing her work on the front page.

From her blog (a.k.a. the Drawing Room... I love that!):

"I am an artist. Just a regular girl with a slightly quirky style. I love to paint, draw, create things and dig in my garden. I live in Virginia with my husband and yellow labrador.

In case you are wondering, Golly Bard is a nonsense name. We are a family that is just crazy about nicknames and Golly Bard is one of many that my family has given me over the years!"

And from her Etsy profile:
"I have been painting and drawing in some manner or fashion since I can remember. I studied the fine art of printmaking, papermaking, and book arts. Though, I must admit, watercolor painting is my favorite medium, my first love. For me, watercolor is like greeting an old friend. When I haven’t picked up my brush for a while, there is no need for a polite exchange. It’s comfortable. We know each other. I may flirt with other materials, but I always return to watercolor. I suppose I always will.

My paintings are a jumbled mix of imagery, randomly inspired by anything and everything that I am infatuated with for the moment. Etsy has become my little incubator, a place where I spontaneously follow my stream of consciousness thinking on paper. The work I make has a quirky style. My current obsessions include: natural history, anatomy, things in jars, garden maps, weather systems, fashion, portraits, wallpaper, calligraphy and patterns."

I really love everything she has to offer... something about the textured objects surrounded by white space lends itself to the curious mind. It really has that natural history bent to it that makes you want to pull out your monocle and take a closer look. Simply fascinating! You can check out the GollyBard shop at Etsy or see her complete work on Flickr (I really love her log series, like this one).

*All images are Golly Bard © all rights reserved*

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holly aka golly said...

Karen, I am am truly touched! Thank you for featuring my work on your delightful blog. You made my day! Have a lovely weekend!