Saturday, May 22, 2010

My Life in a Nutshell: Secret Pleasures

I discovered a new secret pleasure today. Secret pleasures are things that can't be completely in your control, so you just have to wait for them to happen and enjoy them as they occur. I only have a few, and I can only remember one aside from this new one (thank you sangria). Ah well... this is how it goes.

During the "grand rearranging" of our second story, a process that has already included building the new bunk beds and temporarily moving the 2 year old back into the nursery, we decided it was necessary to remove the horrible forest green carpet and refinish the wood floor in the 4th bedroom. This is the only room in the house that has a wood floor that we have not already refinished. So today, while I was running our garage sale, my big strong wonderful husband ripped up carpet and padding, removed staples and tack strips, and vacuumed the whole room so I could get to work this afternoon.

Having avoided the physically demanding part of the process, I got to work on the sanding. Took maybe an hour. Then more vacuuming and wiping up the dust with a damp towel. Then putting down a nice, even coat of polyurethane. This is where I discovered my secret pleasure...

Maybe it was just the fumes, but when the sun (after a long day of overcast weather and off and on rain) came through the window and hit the still-wet polyurethane, it fairly glowed. Like when the sun dances on the wall of a pool... it was neat. So neat I had to take a picture.

It looks great now, with the floor completely done and curing for a week or so before we put furniture back. In the meantime I'll get to either repaint or very seriously touch up the room before we can move the little guy in. It's amazing what 3 years and 2 little girls can do to a paint finish.

Now I'm relaxing, waiting for the kids' bedtime so I can eat some delicious stroganoff with my husband, and drinking sangria to take the edge off a long but very, very productive day.

FYI: My other secret pleasure is opening a can of Diet Coke (that has been hanging out in the garage in the middle of winter), and taking a sip as it turns to ice crystals. My husband tells me that this is everyone's secret pleasure, but I'll pretend it's just mine.

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Betsy said...

How on earth did you manage to have a garage sale AND go from start to finish on refinishing a floor, at the same time?! Either one of those sounds overwhelming to me. I'm impressed that I managed to pick up some stray sticks in the backyard, this morning. Yea me. ;) btw, sangria sounds delightful; I think I'll have to try that sometime soon!