Thursday, July 1, 2010

Get Crafty: A Heap O' Munchkin Pajamas

My husband pointed out to me the other day that our little guy had no short pajamas, and our vacation was sneaking up on us pretty fast. This was just what I needed to hear, because it got me moving in the direction of progress. On my next foray into the thrift world, for under $20, I picked up a veritable mountain of large designer cotton polos in solids and stripes, and a set of size 4 short pajamas (short raglan sleeve top and separate shorts) from the kids department.

When I got home, I cut up the pajamas along the seams to make cutting templates for each piece, then cut up the polos using the template (adding in seam allowances by eyeballing it). I cut them on the original garment hems to avoid any hemming. It was a beautiful process for the shorts... I serged the front and back seams, then the crotch, then serged in the elastic, folded it down and zigzagged on the conventional machine. For the shirts, I serged the sleeves to the front, then serged the back to one of the sleeves. I cut a 1 1/2 inch strip of sleeve-color fabric for the neck binding, then folded it in half and serged it on while stretching slightly. Then I serged the last sleeve-back seam, and finished by serging the front and back together and completing the sleeves. Brilliant!

It probably took me 30-40 minutes per set of shorts and shirt, and I made 9 pairs total for my 3 kids. The ones for the size 6 kid, I used the same template and just cut larger, especially adding in length on top and bottom. For the size 4 kids, I was able to get a full set of top and bottom out of a single large shirt, but I paired two together and made two sets... a solid top with stripey sleeves and stripey shorts plus a stripey top with solid sleeves and solid shorts.

Here's my little helper (we were making bread dough) in a green and black set. The black was so soft... really a nice for pajamas. I'm so pleased with the tightness of them as well. Pajamas should be snug fitting (so they don't catch fire should your precious bundle need to be whisked out of a burning building). In theory they should also be made of flame retardant material, but I don't want to throw away comfort either. The high end cotton polos from the thrift store clearance racks are perfectly soft, you can always find nice bright stripes, and they are so cheap its impossible to rationalize trying to purchase that sort of quality new. I love it... now go make some for your wee ones!

Aww... doesn't he look cozy? Or at least ready for mom to stop trying to take pictures :)


Reenie said...

the pjs look awesome! So impressed- as usual! And of course, I love that cute boy!!

Betsy said...

How are you so brilliant?! I've thought of trying to eyeball seams on favorite pieces of clothing, but actually buying a piece, however hideous, that is the right style, and creating a pattern - so brilliant! Thanks for the idea. I may scare Mark with some "beautiful" Goodwill purchases. :)