Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Celebrate the Brother: Airplane Mobile

When moving my darling 3 year old into his new room, I chose a color scheme of light blue, red and white. It seemed to work out well with the furnishings and bedding we had available. As it turned out, this made today's project even more fitting.

Our little guy is a typical boy's boy. He doesn't care if he's filthy. He like trucks. He likes trains. He likes airplanes. So when my husband's sweet Grandmother was downsizing her well-trimmed Christmas tree last year and invited the family to take some ornaments home, I knew these charming painted wooden airplanes would be coming home with us. They are so nostalgic and remember so many great family Christmases... I just love them.

To turn them into a mobile, I simply formed some thicker copper wire I had around into arcs with loops on the ends (pliers!), as well as in the middle, then attached them together with more looped spans of wire. So easy! It does have a homemade look to it, but I don't mind that in this application.

I think this could be cute and successful using any sort of non-holiday ornament. I'm pondering making something like this for the baby's room, but I haven't settled on a theme I like that is adequately gender-neutral. Hmmm.... well, at least I'm not short of time :)

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Delia said...

Very cool idea and beautiful pictures!