Saturday, September 25, 2010

Random Finds: Late-Season Rummage Sale Success!

I just got back from our cozy little town's bakery with my family. Fresh pumpkin doughnuts after a crisp, cool walk. So much Fall goodness! This time of year is the very end of the end of garage sale season. A local church hold their annual mission trip rummage sale this weekend, so when I was up and dressed, I hopped in the car and went. How could I not? Who doesn't love a rummage sale?

I'm glad I went because, for my even $20, I got a lot of goodies!

$7.00 - One paper grocery bag stuffed full of lots of fun. I packed in some fabric scraps, a cute pink vintage sheet, some vintage sewing notions, 2 vintage embroidered hankerchiefs, plastic canvas for the kids to practice their sewing skills, a newborn Easter outfit (it included a hat with rabbit ears... I couldn't help myself!), a fun green rug for the sunroom, and a roll of 100% cotton batting for an upcoming baby project. But wait! There's more! My favorite part... four pristine hardcover Martha Stewart books (I love Martha's books... there's always some inspiring ideas to be found).

$3.00 - A set of 4 lovely emerald green faux silk chair cushions... just perfect for our sunroom table and chairs.

$10.00 - I picked up another folding table and 3 folding chairs, in fairly good condition. My husband and I have been hosting a Thanksgiving party every year since we were married, and we always need more seating. This will also free up a different table for my work area... always nice :)

So much fun! Now, since I still have some energy left today, I'm going to go get something done (and then watch football)! Have a great Saturday!


Delia said...

Ooh nice book find! I really like your blog...especially the title! :)

Mom said...

Holy smokes! Do you live in Dexter, too?

Karen said...

Close! Saline :)