Friday, October 8, 2010

Etsy Thoughts: New Tools for Etsy's API

Ooooh... this'll be quick because I have some work to do (and the energy to do it), but I had to share!

I just bumped into 2 websites that use Etsy's API (application programming interface) to make your life easier. Well, if you're an Etsy seller anyway.

The first is Tools4Etsy.

They offer a variety of seller tools (and advertising), but their single most popular offering is TagWars. This application allows sellers to compare two sets of tags to see which wins in terms of popularity, relevence, probability and average views per day. Get the most out of your 14 little tags!

The second is Etsy On Sale.

This site allows sellers to painlesly put entire sections of their shop on sale. The seller can specify the duration, timing, percentage and all teh relevent details fo their sale, and Etsy On Sale does the dirty work f altering prices. Beautiful! It's also a great place to stop and shop for what actually is on sale over at Etsy. Fun for the whole family.

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