Friday, October 1, 2010

Feature Friday: bubbletime and SeaPinks

I've got a real double feature for you today! Both of today's shops are run by the fun-loving Jenny, a crafter and artisan based out of Virginia. She started out on Etsy in 2007 with bubbletime, a cushy little place filled with whimsical plush creatures. What is a "fluffcrobe"? Well, stop by bubbletime and find out!

In 2009 Jenny opened a second shop called SeaPinks, a separate location dedicated to her more serious embroidery and stuffed items. Very popular this time of year (and often seen on the front page) are her plush pumpkins...

Makes me want a whole patch of them! Very cute, very crafty! And she has these little stuffed quail... love them!

While she doesn't blog (she prefers to be crafty in other ways, she says), you can easily see what she's up to by checking both of her regularly updated shops. Thanks for sharing your talents, Jenny!! (all images are 2007-2010 Copyright bubbletime/SeaPinks)

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