Sunday, October 31, 2010

TheJuneBride News: In the Etsy Finds Daily Email!!

Oooh! I don’t generally post on Sundays, but I checked my email after Mass today and, well, take a look…

Etsy Finds 10.31.10

I’m excited! I believe this is the 4th or 5th time I’ve been lucky enough to be featured in the daily email. The first time was over 2 years ago, and it pretty much started me off on a journey of increased sales. I’m not sure if this exposure will translate into anything more than my own mental dance party about it (I would venture to suppose that many potential buyers are busily preparing for Halloween festivities rather than Christmas shopping online right now), but that’s OK. It reminds me that I must be somewhat relevant, and someone named Mike who gets to pick Etsy Find items saw my stuff and liked it. Yay. Happy!


mei said...

hey, I'm here because of the email!

that purple flower caught my eye, love the colour :)


maverickjune said...

Congrats!! I've just learned that I was featured as well but apparently do not receive the Etsy Finds emails (a problem I promptly corrected!!). Would you mind passing the email along to me- if you have a moment? I'd SO appreciate it!!

Thanks and best of luck!!