Monday, November 8, 2010

From the Kitchen: Fall Confections

Mmmm…. cookies! These maple leaf cookies were made using my favorite sugar cookie recipe. Yum! I had volunteered to bake some pumpkin-shaped cookies for my daughter’s class to decorate for their Halloween party, and had extra dough to “dispose of”. Well, it was a nice opportunity to use the multi-sized maple leaf cookie cutter set that I found for a pittance at Home Goods. Seize the dough day! They turned out great, if not exactly as I envisioned (more veining? I don’t remember the ideal I was shooting for now).

I iced them in small batches of Autumn colors, then added the brown veining (done with a parchment triangle and no tip; enhanced by dragging a toothpick through it) and let them dry. To minimize my mess, I dyed all my run sugar glaze yellow (then iced a few), then added orange (then iced a few more), then a bit more orange (more icing), then red (more icing), etc. One bowl, so many lovely colors. Sometimes laziness does pay off! As I was photographing them, my daughter told me, “When they’re so close to me, I’m very tempted to eat them.” Me too, darling… me too.


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Jesse Ray said...

Those looked like real leaves upon first glance. You are an amazing confectioner. I hope we get to sample your creative talents at the Thanksgiving party.