Monday, November 1, 2010

Get Crafty: Make Your Own Fabulous Cake Stand

This is an easy one, folks. But the results are just so great that it would be a shame not to share it with you.

I had seen some very cute dessert stands recently, and since I am preparing for our big annual party, I figured one of those would enhance my “tablescape” (or whatever). I liked the look, but I’m… well… I’m… cheap. There. I said it. I’m cheap. Normally I prefer to refer to myself as “thrifty”, but “cheap” will work too. It makes me happy to be able to find serviceable things in good used condition or make something myself instead of buy it new for ridiculous prices. My kids break things (and sometimes I break things), and when I don’t have to spend very much on it, I don’t get quite so sad when I’m cleaning up the broken shards. That’s the truth, just for you.

So… to the cake stand. Really easy. Here are some of my inspirations… A Williams-Sonoma stand costing about $45 (left), and one from Pottery Barn at about $30 (right). I actually saw a pretty white one at my local thrift store for $30 (What? Yes… $30… at a thrift store. What is the world of pre-owned merchandise coming to?)… *sigh*

williams sonoma 45 pottery barn 30

Your basic ingredients will be 1 pretty plate (mine was $3 at local thrift store), 1 small sturdy bowl or short vase (I went with a heavy stoneware bowl to make the stand as bottom-heavy as possible; $0.40 at thrift store) and a tube of GOOP, E6000 or any other very strong clear-drying adhesive touting the ability to bond glass or ceramic. Oh, and a well-ventilated area… this stuff is stinky! I used GOOP because it loses its adhesive smell within days rather than weeks like E6000. I took my project to the porch for the gluing part. Make sure to choose a plate that will accommodate the type of dessert you intend to put on it. Mine will not hold a full sized cake, but it’s perfect for cookies, muffins, tarts, scones, pie or cheesecake.


To get a good bond, you’ll probably need to put adhesive on both surfaces… the plate and the base (bowl or vase). I squeezed GOOP onto the base of the bowl, then eye-ball centered it on underside of the plate to get adhesive right where they would attach. I then separated the plate and bowl, added more GOOP to the base of the bowl, and allowed the adhesive to cure separately for about 5 minutes (as instructed by the tube). I then stuck them together again, lining up the rings of GOOP, and rotated the bowl in place to make sure it was well-coated before applying significant pressure. It bonded tight in about 2 more minutes, and I allowed it to fully cure outside for 48 hours to avoid the adhesive smell inside my house.

2a 2b 3

And voila! Fabulous dessert stand in need only of delicious treats to showcase.


There. Now isn’t that nice? Mini muffin recipe tomorrow!


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You are a genius.