Monday, December 13, 2010

Get Crafty: All Stitched Up Christmas Cards

I had no idea I was going to be so ambitious about Christmas cards this year, but when the inclination strikes, sometimes I find myself halfway into a project before I consider exactly how long it might take me to accomplish my mental picture of success. That is exactly where I find myself right now… plugging my way through the less-than-crafty end of our Christmas card mailing (the note writing part, that is).

I finished the crafty part several days ago… machine-stitching tiny fabric buntings on white card stock, then stamping glad tidings to complete the look. I really love how these turned out, and the total cost of making about 100 of them was less than $20. Not too shabby, eh? Well, then there’s the whole postage thing which tacks on another $44, but that was a given with any sort of card. Buntings make me happy, and the fabrics I used here were scraps and a couple inexpensive fat quarters I picked up for cheap at my local fabric store.


I went with vibrant teal and red, as well as some scraps of metallic silver quilting fabric I have used for making labels. The cards were pre-scored 5x7s from the local craft store, and all I did was mark a light pencil line where I planned to stitch using a round plate to make a nice “draped” look. I cut the fabric into small triangles, mainly by eyeballing it, and found that 7 fit along the line best and just guesstimated my way with each card as I stitched along. The slight differences in shape of each triangle I find just charming, and I’m sure my recipients will to :)


Since I’ve already addressed the envelopes, all that’s left to do now is write notes to my family and friends and send them on their way! I’m hoping while I finish that up this week I can also perfect a sewing pattern for a dress I’m *hoping* to make for my girls, then snap a nice family photo to include. I’m not holding my breath about either the dresses or the picture, but you never know :) Miracles do happen!
Best wishes for your Christmas preparations as well… may it be a  joy, not a chore!

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Jodi said...

dang, karen! :) I wish you luck in your projects.

I am throwing in the towel on most of my Christmas plans at this point. :) Christmas cards? not going to happen. Homemade gifts for my brothers? nope. Baby gift for new nephew? How about a used item instead. sigh.

erin, maker of chimes said...

Those are super cute cards... good luck with the rest of your "to do" list!

Karen said...

I believe that pre-scheduled blog posts can be misleading about the blogger's actual productivity (I write while still in my pajamas, unshowered, unfed and utterly unprepared for the day). I think it was Mother Theresa who said, "You can do all things with joy, or you can just do them." So, now that I'm abandoning other projects left and right, I'm trying to be as joyful about that as any other part of preparing for Christmas (incomplete projects are sort of a Christmas tradition for me too). I wish you luck in that sense as well!!

hero said...

Such pretty cards, simple but elegant. Im really excited to follow the projects you are making ! Have fun !