Monday, March 28, 2011

Get Crafty: Homemade Ergo Baby Carrier Accessories?

After yesterday’s rant about being soooo impatient about this baby not being here yet, today I want to focus on something distracting and positive. Enviable baby gear!

This past weekend I went to yet another Mom2Mom Sale (useful for stocking up on quality baby gear for cheap but also a welcome distraction and time-killer for end-of-pregnancy moms with nothing else to do). After musing a while back about making my own soft structured baby carrier, I hit gold at this sale and walked (waddled?) away with a steal… an actual Ergo baby carrier for only $25.00! They cost $100+ new, and the one I picked up was in practically perfect condition, having been used for only 2 months with an older child (so no drool, spit-up or poop stains… yet!). It came in its original box with the manual. I held off on the happy dance until I was out of the building and back in the car, because this mom had NO IDEA that used Ergos sell easily for $75+ on eBay. This carrier had never needed to be washed, and only had one very small stain that came out immediately with a Tide To Go Instant Stain Remover Pen (which is also essential mommy gear, FYI).

camel ergo

So, now that I’m prepared for some serious baby wearing, I would like to hack some of the accessories that generally accompany the carrier itself. Each of the accessories here cost about $15-25 new, and if they can be hacked, I think it might just be worth it (unless I find them miraculously cheap too).

Apparently “sucking pads” (a name that just grosses me out right now) help keep the straps tidy when baby is big enough to chew on things whilst being toted around. They help reduce the amount of washing the carrier itself will require, which is a good thing. And they should be super easy to make… bonus! The ones sold by Ergo look like rectangles made of a couple layers of terrycloth with binding on the edges and either Velcro or snaps to keep them in place. Easy peasy.

31OjpxgtVCLAnd, more immediately useful, would be the infant insert.  There are two types, the old flat “cradle” type  and the new “Heart2Heart” version. Understanding the importance of keeping pressure off a tiny baby’s developing spine, I will likely make something more like the Heart2Heart version. It’s more or less the original plus a little round pillow in the middle on which the baby’s bottom rests, with an adjustable strap that snaps into place to swaddle the baby. This has the advantages of keeping pressure off the bottom, making baby feel more swaddled and like a natural arm hold, as well as boosting the baby up further in the front carry so there’s adequate ventilation and for easier nursing (if you’re talented enough to do that… not sure about my own range of abilities yet).41vd-BxdzLL__AA300_8177zA0QP1L__AA1500_

The last and least likely accessory for me to hack is the front pouch. I’m not really into fanny packs, but if schlepping must be done, an extra pouch could be handy. I’d have to think about this one… I don’t think it would be difficult, but neither do I want to spend time making something I wouldn’t use. But I like the idea… it basically velcros onto a strap on the waist support beneath the child for extra room to stash the essentials.


Not sure when exactly I’ll get to these things… I’m sort of really really hoping that baby decides to arrive in the next couple days, but if not, maybe I’ll find the motivation and energy to turn out a couple items. Time will tell :)


Barbara said...

For what it's worth, my Ergo (an older version) has the little pouch attached to the waistband. I hardly ever use it. Most often, I just throw whatever extras I need into the big pocket. :-)

Karen said...

Thanks!! Good to know what others find useful (or not) :)

Jodi said...

I'm totally jealous! I have been toying with the idea with getting one. :)

Meryl said...

I finally made my own Ergo Heart to Heart Insert. Here's my pattern:

Alex Men said...

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