Monday, April 18, 2011

Celebrate the Baby: Quick and Easy Baby Shower Gifts

I’m writing this post very very very much in advance. It’s mid-March and I’m due to have my own baby sometime in the next 4 weeks or so, and my lovely sister-in-law is due to have a little boy about 6 weeks after that. Since this is her first bundle of joy, we’re throwing her a shower! Actually, when this posts, we will have had the shower a couple days ago. And hopefully my own baby is a couple weeks old now… but if you’re a regular reader you will already know when he or she was born, right? Writing for the future is weird when there are unknown and life-altering events to take place in the meantime. But I digress… we’re having a shower and I don’t want to post about the gifts I’m making before the shower, or they wouldn’t be a surprise! And besides, since I have a very new baby myself at this point, I’m probably desperate for sleep and pre-made blog posts. So it works out in everyone’s best interests :)


I really wanted to make a baby quilt to give but, to be honest, I just didn’t have the energy for another sort-of-major project. So I compromised between real quilt and no quilt, and ended up making this sweet but boyish blanket. It was so simple… just 1 yard of quilter’s cotton on one side, and 1 yard of soft and cuddly fabric on the other. I made the cute bias binding myself (I used a whole yard of fabric to make about 10 continuous yards of 2” bias, which resulted in a 1/2” binding). I just love how it turned out!!! And the best part? I made it in one lazy evening.

DSC_9414 crop

I also had some new cloth diapers around, so I embellished a few with more of the bias tape for distinct burp clothes…


And made a pacifier clip to match (had to get a snap in there somewhere!).


Baby legwarmers have come into vogue since my last newborn 4 years ago, and I wanted to try making some (using a new pair of knee-high women’s socks)… they were very successful, if a little boring in the color department (I didn’t think the little guy would want too many crazy patterns going on when he looks back at photos of his infancy). I cut off each sock at the heel and sewed a hem with a zigzag. So easy!


And, for the discerning newborn gentleman, I embellished a onesie with a necktie. I just love these, and they really are terribly easy. My very stylish sister-in-law would have loved to have some cutesy items if this baby would have been a girl, but she’ll find that boy things can be just as much fun :)


For more formal events, I couldn’t help but make one with a bowtie as well. Mini James Bond?


I hope my sister and brother-in-law enjoy using these things for my little nephew as much as I enjoyed making them :) I’m so excited for all the joy this baby will bring to their lives… babies are such a very good thing :)


Jodi said...

CUTE! :) I love that you pre-scheduled blog posts too. so fun.

Andrea said...

You hacked the Baby Legs! Fabulous. I remember talking about how to swing that one. The knee high socks are perfect. Target has a lot of knee high socks in crazy/fun patterns. But, probably not very boy-esque. :) What a great gift package!