Monday, May 16, 2011

Home Sweet Home: Spring Blooms

This time of year is birthday season, and I love that lilacs are usually blooming on my birthday. I try to spend the afternoon outside inhaling the heady aroma. Not this year. They are just blooming now, as our crab apple blossoms fall (they usually bloom a week before the lilacs). But we did get to enjoy the tree at its peak, and later today, when the grass is dry, I hope to go out and clip a few lilac branches to bring inside and cheer up my house.

DSC_9818DSC_9824DSC_9820DSC_9864 DSC_9811

Before it rained, the wind was blowing the petals down , and it was too magical to pass up. The kids tried to make petal angels, but it didn’t work quite as well as they hoped.

DSC_9881 DSC_9892 DSC_9902

I think we made the most of it while it lasted :) 

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Andrea said...

Little man! He's getting big!