Sunday, June 19, 2011

Get Crafty: A Manly Kindle Cover for Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day!! Not that I think many dads actually read this (except maybe my own… hi Dad!!). I had wanted to do something special for my fabulously lovable husband for our anniversary earlier this week, but a back problem derailed my plans. But since Father’s Day was less than a week away, my second chance came right in time.

I had gotten the darling man a Kindle for his birthday just a month ago, and we determined that a cover would be in the best interests of all involved parties. He suggested leather, and I got to design it. Perfect!


Since my sewing machine, wonderfully obedient though it is, cannot handle upholstery weight leather and, due to the unfortunate back injury, I was unable to dig through my heavy bins of fabric to find the suede, I opted for some very nice, very expensive faux leather remnants left over from a recent upholstery project. Rich brown face and lovely suede-like reverse, this material was a dream to work with and is a VERY convincing leather alternative. And it was the perfect size for this case, easy to cut with a rotary tool and flexible enough to mold to the items inside.


The features of this case include:

  • a fleece-lined compartment for the Kindle itself
  • a layer of plastic canvas stabilizing each side for superior protection
  • two zippered compartments for storing the USB and power cord adapter
  • a pen holder (you never know when you’re going to need one!)
  • a single snap closure


I’m so pleased with how this turned out! It is both handsome and well-built (just like my husband), and I feel that the Kindle will be well-protected in its new home. Hooray!

I love you, Baby! Thanks for all our precious munchkins :)

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Andrea said...

This is fabulous Karen! Wowee. You are a hack extraordinaire. :)