Monday, July 4, 2011

My Life in a Nutshell: Happy 4th of July 2011!!


Since becoming linked to my husband’s family, I’ve inherited annual participation in a wonderful long-standing family event. The same party (more or less) has been occurring on July 4 for the past 49 years. It began with my husband’s grandparents hosting a party with their neighbors. Today we had 4 generations, brilliant weather, and a lot of fun. My contribution, in addition to the majority of the children, included some festive sugar cookies (recipe here).

I also made a couple dresses for my girls… something that could be paired with red ribbons but also function on non-patriotic occasions as well. They were a hassle (since I designed them myself), and took forever with lots of ripping out of stitching, but I’m pleased at the result and proud of myself for finishing them at all, and even more so for finishing them on time. A day early even. Go me. They were a combination of a tiered skirt (inspired by a great tutorial on Cool People Sew sent to me by my friend Natalie) and a back button closing bodice, using some blue cotton fabric selected jointly by me and the girls with all other random materials I had on hand. Note to self: get more white thread.


I hope all you Americans out there had a lovely, festive day… a day to be proud to wear red, white and blue. Our country’s nowhere near perfect, but I’m sure glad I have it this good. God bless the USA!

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