Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Get Crafty: Bunting Birthday Banner

Today my baby… my oldest baby… turned seven! My how the time flies  when you’re having fun :)

For a long time I had wanted to make a reusable birthday banner for the family - something to easily put up and take down, that complemented our decor and which would last many years. Just yesterday, an unexpected request came in from one of my very favorite local portrait photographers, Melanie Reyes, for a cute wedding/engagement banner, and that started me off with a close deadline to get something done in this vein. The birthday banner tested my planned process, and I’m happy to say that today I succeeded! I’m terribly impressed with the accuracy of my process and the overall end result...


We celebrated the big day with an unexpected roast turkey Thanksgiving-type dinner (our garage freezer died several days ago, so the partially thawed turkey found gainful employ in feeding tonight’s crowd). The vintage garden-inspired banner added to a festive atmosphere and, since it rained, we stayed inside and it was actually seen by our guests rather than just noted in passing. It makes me happy, just like my wonderful daughter, and I look forward to keeping them both around for many, many birthdays to come.


Happy birthday, honey bun… I’m so lucky to be your mom!

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