Friday, October 7, 2011

Get Crafty: Waldorf Doll


My girls have always always been interested in animals. Nary was a baby doll to be coddled in our house. Until recently, that is. My 7 year old adopted a baby boy doll from her 4 year old brother about the time our new baby was born in April. This doll was named Triceratops despite being fully human and having zero horns on his face, and he has become a favorite plaything. I was thrilled to see her exhibit compassion to a human thing (you know, sometimes you wonder). After this, they girls began talking about me possibly making a cousin for Triceratops for my 5 year old. Certainly!! I want to encourage play mothering so they will be good babysitters when they are old enough, so I began researching Waldorf dolls.

Then I ordered supplies here. I used their tutorial for creating the head. I embroidered the eyes and mouth, and Mary Kay provided the sweet pink cheeks. I used this pattern for making the body (scroll all the way down to find the link to the pattern). I eyeballed a knit onesie and made a basic hat to keep her warm until I obtained brown yarn.


I read this post before adding the hair, a lovely multitonal auburn wool I found on clearance at a local yarn shop. And then I found a vintage doll slip via thrift shop to keep her decent until I sew some dresses and other outfits (that is the fun of having a doll, right?). I plan to help my daughters sew some clothes too as an educational experience, since they always sees me sewing and are very interested.

DSC_1744 DSC_1751

Yep. I think she’s a keeper.


Jodi said...

That is so lovely! The hair is PERFECT! You are amazing. I wish my daughter needed dolls so I could make her one. :) I keep offering to let her trade some of her current ones in for a handmade one and she hasn't taken me up on it yet.

Genesais said...

omg i love her, i wish i knew/ had the courage to try to make something sooooo cute/perfect and thank you for all the links shared

Reenie said...

Love the doll!! and the girl, of course. Seriously though, the doll looks incredible. Someday if I have a daughter, I will want you to make her one of these... it seems to wierd to ask for one for myself :D Especially with a baby as cute as AJ right up the street... You rock!

Alexis said...

I've always wanted to make a waldorf doll! Yours is amazing, perfect!

jhl said...

Beautiful! I can't sew for my life, and my son wants one of these ... wish you were making them to sell! :)

Also ... thinking about featuring you and your store in an article for BlogHer about handmade for the holidays ... interested?

Karen said...

Yes please! I love features :) Feel free to get in touch at thejunebride (at) Thanks!

K said...

Maybe this is a silly question, but how do you keep the yarn from unraveling at the ends over time?

JZ said...

I love the dress!! Do you have a pattern for that dress!!