Monday, October 17, 2011

Off the Shelf: Organizing for your Brain Type


So, I just checked out the  book Organizing for your Brain Type from our local library. After reading the back cover, I didn’t bother reading the intro or taking the quiz to determine my brain type… I knew immediately which I was. I read ‘brain type’ as ‘temperament’ (as I discussed here), and it was really helpful and edifying to finally understand why sanguine people like me function the way I do (though it feels like I don’t function right now!). Sanguine types, the “innovating style” of brain type, are energized by new projects but struggle to fully complete them, frequently have stacks of stuff all over the place, have trouble remembering appointments, lose things, etc. Perhaps I’m generally a high functioning sanguine, but it’s all a rouse… deep down I’m a mess!

This is the first book that I've seen that actually acknowledged that some people simply cannot stick to a classic routine. It offered practical tips to make life less stressful and create systems that will actually work towards a more organized life. I crave flexibility, and right now I’m trapped in a non-negotiably rigid schedule with the school kids and baby naps, so I feel a bit like I’m suffocating. Since my husband is also a sanguine personality type (we do have a lot of fun together!), it was extra helpful for me to see ways to make our life and home better for him too. I'm desperate for a working system for our house and schedule since I'm drowning in commitments, papers and “stuff”, and this book was really encouraging. Thank you, public library.

I can’t speak for the usefulness of the advice for other “brain types”, but if you are a creative type, I'd highly recommend Organizing for your Brain Type as an essential read. A+


Anonymous said...

ooohhh i love these kinds of books. I'm requesting it from my library.

Roz said...

I came across Organizing from the Right Side of the Brain, which gave me the same sort of Eureka moment.

I had a similar experience with young children, but it looks like you're functioning at a higher level than I did. The thing that helped me was to make sure I took regular time to just sit down and process things. It helped the wound-up gears relax a little.